Three athletes in todays competition call Granåsen their home hill: Johann André Forfang, Andreas Stjernen and Joakim Aune. All three had good jumps in yesterdays difficult opening competition in Granåsen. A hill that is built to handle almost everything nature can throw at it, and that is what happened yesterday.

Despite the wind, snow, rain, sun, clouds and combination of them all, yesterday’s qualification went through. It lasted for a bit longer than expected because of the heavy conditions. Ski-jumping is an outdoor sport, which makes difficult weather conditions its biggest challenger and enemy. The athletes showed us that they are unstoppable, and delivered great, long jumps through the entire qualification. This is what Raw Air is all about: though and extreme jumping.

The jumpers were not the only ones that stayed put in these conditions: The enthusiastic audience showed up yesterday, cheering for their three local heroes whom delivered some solid jumps. We are hoping for just as many good jumps today, and the same enthusiastic audience to cheer the jumpers down to new hill records.

Joahnn André Forfang is hoping for a crowd of at least 15.000, despite the fact that it`s just a regular Thursday.  The conditions are looking a lot better, and the overall ranking is just as close as we predicted it would be in the tournaments most northern city.

We are ready, are you?