Leg three of Raw Air is over and we are moving south to Vikersund and the worlds largest ski flying hill. Will there be a new world record? Will there be a new world cup leader? The only thing we already know for sure is that there will be a winner of the very first Raw Air-tournament.

The athletes are preparing for their flights in Vikersund with a chartered plane down to Torp, Sandefjord. The current leader of the tournament, Stefan Kraft, and the rest of the circus that has now been established as the Raw Air-tournament, will start their day in the monster hill with a trial round at 14:00.

The first day of the race in Trondheim offered us everything that the northern part of Norway has got, with every season of year. Unfortunately the competition started of with lots of wind and snow, which gave us a longer qualification round than expected. The athletes did not seem to be troubled by the difficult conditions, they kept their spirit up and jumped long jumps which resulted in — winning the first competition in Trondheim.

Moving on to the second day of competition rounds in Trondheim, we can definitely agree on that the atmosphere in the hill was fantastic. The day started off with a concert for the kids, before the competition started. A huge crowd of audience showed up to cheer the jumpers down the hill. There were several good jumps today, and was a tight competition between Stefan Kraft and Andreas Stjernen, but Stefan Kraft ended up winning the competition after delivering a great jump!