Welcome to the hill on top of Oslo! Holmenkollen hosts the world premiere of RAW AIR 9 – 11 March.

In Holmenkollen you get to experience three competitions – starting with qualifications on Friday March 9th. The next day, the athletes will perform in a team competition before finishing off with individual competition on the traditional “Holmenkollen Sunday”.

Holmenkollen is a traditional and unique arena, dating back to 1892 when the first ski event was held here. Now, it’s a vibrant venue on top of Norway’s capital city Oslo.


Legendary Norwegian commentator

Arne Scheie

Within the ski jumping community, Holmenkollen is a hill everyone is familiar with. Maybe not so strange, considering the first ever competition was held there as early as 1892".

Record holder for the world's longest ski jump

Anders Fannemel

"Growing up I used to watch the Holmenkollen competitions on TV, and of course I want to perform my best there.Performing good in Holmenkollen means a lot. It's very prestigious".

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141 m - Andreas Kofler (AUT) March 5th 2011


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