During the beautiful, last days of May, the International people of Ski Jumping are gathered in Slovenian Portoroz. The International Ski Federation are hosting their yearly Calendar Meeting to plan the up and coming season.

After the first edition of the RAW AIR Tournament, the speculations has been huge. How will the next edition of the tournament turn out? How will our travel looking like during the tournament? All of this was to be planned by the member of FIS Ski Jumping, together with a various of members from all over the Ski Jumping world. While the Norwegian Ski Federation wanted to do a few changes around the tournament, but the Federation had to pull out of their plans to save the traditional “Holmenkollensøndagen”. Therefor, the RAW AIR Tournament stays unchanged as we enter a new season of Ski Jumping.

The Norwegian Federation wanted to do a whole new Grand Opening with an individual competition in Holmenkollen the first Saturday of the tournament. This whish didn’t go through, but the day stays in the tournament and will include a team competition. How the tournament will look further than this, is still unknown. We’ll work as hard as we can to create the best competition calender for our amazing athlete and fans all over the world. As for the travelling of the RAW AIR Tournament, we change nothing. Before we entered this meeting and congress about the FIS Calendar, we wanted to make the travelling less for the athletes and teams. But unfortunately we couldn’t make this happen.