When yesterday’s competition was delayed with 3 hours, no one expected today to turn out the way it did. When Norway’s team jumped like they did in the trial round, no one expected them to be on the top of the podium either. How wrong we were. The first shocker came, when the jury decided to start the competition over again after the first group of jumpers because of the strong wind. Swiftly followed by a world record, but not the day’s last!

Robert Johannson jumped 252 m and kickstarted the audience, because from this point onwards it was obvious that the rest of the competition had potential to be a legendary one. As many record holders before him the thought that ran through his head was I`ve got to stay on my feet. Followed by the shakes that so often comes with an adrenaline injection that only a world record can give you.

33 minutes later Stefan Kraft, the second to last jumper in the first round, the leader of the World Cup, dueling with Andreas Wellinger for the Raw Air-trophy and in the shape of his life, left the inrun. And for a moment we thought the flight would never end, but it did. 253,5 m and he beat the world record with 1,5 meter just like Andres Fannemel did to Peter Prevc 2 years ago.

“You can dream it, but it`s pure adrenaline and it`s amazing”, said the small jumper, Stefan Kraft, whom is anything but a small athlete.