The opening ceremony consisted of a group of flags coming down the hill, a professional dance performance, and Norway’s national anthem. This was a perfect opening. Just before the ceremony, both the test jumpers and the elite jumpers had their training jumps down the hill. The person with the longest distance was Kamil Stoch, himself, with 236 meters.

Foto: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

This Saturday, there were all of 51 jumps over the magic 200-meter mark. It ended with a superior Norwegian victory with all of 265.6 point difference to Poland in 2nd place, followed by Slovenia in 3rd place.

During the competition today, all of the Norwegian jumpers flew past the 220-meter mark. Robert Johansson flew the farthest of all with his 240.5 meters. He flew in a lot of points toward Stoch in the combined summary, so now there is only 55.7 points between the two. It will be exciting tomorrow.