“The Norwegian Ski Federation closely monitors the development of the corona virus (COVID-19) and is based on ongoing information, risk assessments and recommendations given by Norwegian health authorities through the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. We are also in contact with local authorities. At this time, all events are being carried out as planned”, says Ola Rønsen, Medical Director of the Norwegian Ski Federation.

The Norwegian Ski Federation (NSF) has been in contact with the Directorate of Health after todays press conference.

“The Directorate of Health will be clear that there are no specific plans to cancel ski events in Norway, but we are monitoring the situation and maintain a close dialogue.”

The Norwegian Ski Federation has urged all organizers, practitioners, support staff and spectators to follow the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health to prevent infection. Good hygiene, use of anti-bacterial gel and cleaning of public areas will be extra important in the future. NSF Medical Director Ola Rønsen has previously pointed out that it is safe to compete as long as you are healthy and have not been in close contact with people who are infected.

We will continue to follow the progression and the advice given by Norwegian health authorities at all times.