The first individual competition of RAW AIR took place tonight. During the competition it was snowing quite a bit and it’s was a bit windy. In the first round Daniel-André Tande was in eight place, but in the second round he climbed all the way to the top on the board and won today’s competition. The other Norwegians also showed good tendencies. And three out the top five, in today’s individual competition, were from Norway.

Photo: Christian Haukeli

Last year’s RAW AIR winner, Austrian Stefan Kraft, took second place. One man who surprisingly took third place was Michael Hayböck, also from Austria. He did two great rounds and ended up in third place. He was really happy to be on the podium. Kamil Stoch, the overall leader, did an excellent first round. But he fell short in the second round and ended up in sixth place.

RAW Air’s time in Holmenkollen is over. And what a weekend it’s been. With enthusiastic spectators, full arenas, excellent jumps and wonderful atmosphere the start of the tournament in Holmenkollen was a success. Now it’s time for Lillehammer.